Who we are

Entrepreneur Oman support start-ups and SMEs on how to start, grow and run a sustainable business with a focus on strategic, operational and commercial excellence. Entrepreneur Hub is not a traditional incubator, but a novel concept putting the success of the entrepreneur at the core of its business.

Entrepreneur Hub is a knowledge centre that exists to inspire and cultivate professional entrepreneurship among start-ups and SMEs from diverse sectors in the Oman economy. As an organization that is actively involved in a day to day engagement with entrepreneurs, it is our core business to support businesses to start, grow and scale into sustainable enterprises. We are not an incubator in the traditional sense but a knowledge hub providing trainings and activities to entrepreneurs focusing on strategic, operational and commercial excellence. In addition we provide the full digital marketing eco-system consisting of creative designs, advertising and complete package for your online presence.

We regard entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in high esteem as a driver of change, development and progress. Entrepreneurs build businesses that create value, employment opportunities and deliver crucial services and products where it is needed most. We believe in entrepreneurs being the silent motor of our economy. In an economy that has the ambition to take up opportunities, it is our mission to support entrepreneurs to take full advantage and own up to their potential.

Entrepreneur  Startup Oman

our mission

To accompany entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs in their complete journey to become an economically sustainable business.

our vision

We strive to be the number one provider of expert advice to business owners through technologically advanced and updated platform.

our values

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Achievement
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  • Business Hub Oman
  • Investment Oman

Our Strategy

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  • Entrepreneur Startup Ideas
  • ERP Software Companies in Oman
  • Business Financing

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