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how to start a business

If you think you're ready to start your first business, here's a step-by-step overview of what you need to do to make it happen ...

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how to become an entrepreneur

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is key to successfully managing one’s career in this time of rapid market change ...

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recruitment process

For every employee to make a big impact every startup needs to have a good plan for their recruitment, and in order ...

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sales &

Business Financial Oman

Online marketing

Internet marketing services are in high demand. Businesses with a website need to know how to effectively market on the Internet.

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Financial Plan For Small Business

Lead Generation

Get all the information and insights you need to develop a perfect lead generation strategy to help grow your business.

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Business Plan Basics

marketing collaterals

Small businesses must always be ready to make the most of opportunities and make sure your new start-up has the print marketing collateral.

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SME Finance Oman


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Leverage our powerful financial analysis skills and grow your assets, making more with what already have on your hand.

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As your business grows, you should occasionally reassess your exposure to liability. Growing companies naturally become more exposed it.

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Most small business owners start their companies with their own money. The money, or business equity, grows the business.

accounting &
financial services

Book Keeping

Business Financing Oman

Bookkeeping small business can be a great way to put your financial skills to work and helps to spot trends in your finances early on. This strong system can help you keep accurate records for a range of purposes.

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Account Auditing

Business Plan Oman

Business accounting software helps you serve your clients' needs more efficiently and save time with every step. Anyone whose business has a number of staff, functions or office locations will be benefited with this software.

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Financial Services

Entrepreneur Oman

Our Financial Services help organizations in rationalizing & converging operations across business divisions to optimize cost & bringing agility. Our services typically consist of one or more experienced financial advisors.

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SME Oman

of a strong recruitment

Small and Medium Entrepreneur Oman

Employer branding

Creating and maintaining an employer brand and a unique company culture may seem like a luxury, but it's incredibly important for recruiting

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Business Financing Oman

Create profiles

Create your own profile to help personalise your opportunities to other outside. Creating profiles can better support your company partnerships in the future

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Business Financial in Oman

Social recruiting

Social recruiting uses social media platforms to advertise jobs, find talent, and communicate with potential candidates about company culture. It is especially effective for finding passive candidates

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job posting

Business Plan in Oman

A job posting is no longer only a description of a role's responsibilities. Today, job postings serve as a marketing platform to attract talent. It is often the first place businesses go to post job ad in famous job portals or spaces

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vacancy available

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Recruitment procedures can also be used as a marketing technique for your business. People always read twice as a vacancy ad appears. The marketing and HR team should go hand in hand for any business to bring faster brand value

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Recruitment profile

Small and Medium Entrepreneur in Oman

The marketing aspect comes into play with recruiting when a recruiter is asked to “sell” both the company and job order through the web copy of the job order and all information about the company and the employment experience

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